Incest - A Family Tragedy

An intense documentary investigating the dark and hidden world of sexual molestation of children by trusted family members or friends.

How did incest begin and is there a more enlightened way to deal with this violation?

Who is responsible and who can effect a cure? What is behind the tradition of incest?

Listen to the testimony of men who have committed this offense against their own children and other family members.

Hear how they do it, why they were unable to stop, and what this behavior does to their families, friends, and the community at large.

Learn if Megans Law and the Residence restrictions protect the children these regulations intended or are they actually making matters worse by creating itinerant predators.

See how law enforcement does its best to keep track of offenders released from prison and what well meaning politicians have done to protect kids and have instead ignored incest and created greater risks.

Watch live treatment sessions with true life molesters conducted by trained professional treatment providers and see for yourself if there is any hope for a person struggling with this condition.

This film examines all these aspects and more so that we can bring this dark subject into the light for a clearer and more rational examination of the rape of our children. Understand that the very taboo nature of this crime helps the offense because when we do not openly discuss it, do not propose any educational models to better inform ourselves and keep ourselves afflicted with guilt and shame which washes over all concerned, perpetrators, victims, and other family members alike, we all help shield and perpetuate the crime.

Come with us into prisons and jails, meet the cops, the criminals, the families, treatment providers, educators, people on the street, politicians and the crew of the film. Everyone
Has their slant on things. Some still have hope some have possible remedies.

We cannot stop looking for better ways to protect our children. There is hope.